Volta is a Brussels music center that contributes in a sustainable way to the development of musical talent in Brussels and around. It is a place where musicians are guided and supported in their artistic journey in a qualitative way, and where a diverse audience can discover an unique music programming and other activities. Volta resolutely chooses to give unknown and emerging talent the place and time to develop themselves artistically and professionally. With its operational approach, Volta thereby holds an unique intermediate position in the music scene that facilitates the flow of artists to the club and festival circuit, among others.


In terms of music policy, Volta aims to encourage musicians and give them both literal and figurative space to experiment. Offering rehearsal spaces, stages and presentation opportunities within a cultural space where participation, creation, encounters and education are central. Volta finds it valuable to support emerging musicians, offering them a qualitative context in which they can work on their artistic projects in a sustainable way and present them to an audience. In doing so, it aims to provide emerging talent with the resources and support to make the transition to the professional circuit possible. It does this by facilitating affordable rehearsal spaces, sustainable residency program, performance opportunities, assistance with pre-production and recording, etc. This is crucial and meaningful to do with musicians but also within the current music landscape, where the context for making music professionally is under increasing social and economic pressure.

Musical development is the foundation of the Volta operation. In recent years, Volta has not only put young musicians (inter)nationally on the map through this function, development also provides direct inflow in the field of production and presentation. Volta fulfills this development function in a broad sense: the approach with which it operates allows it to take risks so that innovation and experimentation can arise, and musicians can take their first steps. It also offers experienced musicians the chance, with a trajectory at Volta, to take some time to fold back on the basics of their work, question their practice and try new things, result-based or otherwise. Volta's main value proposition is that it is intensely committed to the artistic development of musicians in Brussels and around. With its unique role, Volta contributes to a stronger and more qualitative image of the Belgian music sector.


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