VOLTA Needs You

We're Looking for a New Building

VOLTA needs a new home and we need your help to spread the word!


We're Looking for a New Building

VOLTA just celebrated its 5 years: 5 years of joys, challenges and successes.
This year, we have yet another challenge: we need to find a new building in Brussels so we can carry on being a home to music and musicians.

Here are the specifics of what type of building we'd need:

  • Perimeter Brussels-Capital Region 
  • Surface area 2500m2 or more
  • In a non-residential area
  • Accessible by public transports
  • Accessible for cars

Do you know about any building on sale? Do you know anyone that owns one or has any contacts in Brussels? If yes, email us at building@volta.brussels

Why Your Help Matters

VOLTA is a workspace and venue for music; it thrives in the following services: 

  • Rehearsal spaces
  • Concerts, festivals & collaborations
  • Residencies
  • Artistic trajectory
  • Recordings
  • Info and advice
  • Gaining promotional visibility and sustainable visibility for upcoming artists
  • Guidance

For musicians VOLTA is more than just a workspace, it's a place where : 

... musicians learn from other musicians,
... musicians attend workshops on music programmes,
... musicians practice in quality but affordable rehearsal spaces,
... musicians are given the time and support to grow during a residency,
... musicians can showcase their work to an audience on our stage weekly,
... musicians receive help and support with pre-production and recordings,
... new projects arise,
... synergies and symbioses converge and transcend. 

Help us find a building and you will also directly help the local, national and international artistic scene. We're working today on the music of tomorrow. Together.

Email Us: building@volta.brussels

Email Us: building@volta.brussels