Bandler Ching
Bandler Ching

Bandler Ching is the project of Ambroos De Schepper, saxophone player graduated at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in 2018 and member of several bands like Kosmo Sound, Boogie Belgique, Mos Ensemble,... With Bandler Ching he aims to create music that is inspired by any genre like hiphop, electro, contemporary jazz, world, noise,... that touches the inner groove and imagination.  You know, that thing inside that makes you like a song or a piece. This vision, combined with a basic line-up where functions in the band can fluctuate, from a horn taking over the keys to a bass being the main soloist, shapes the new sound of Bandler Ching.

Bandler Ching is : 

  • Alan Van Rompuy / Keys 
  • Ambroos De Schepper / Sax
  • Federico Pecoraro / Bass
  • Olivier Penu / Drums 


The music they play is on the edge of chaos. Their new album RESON was released on the 15th of March 2019 and features singer Leïla Martial and cello player Valentin Ceccaldi. My favorite song of the upcoming album is Hold Me and was written by Swiss songwriter Franziska Staubli. It's about a road trip to the North with a weird Norwegian guy. After having stroked a deer, they drift into fear. Basically.

Odil is :

  • Camille-Alban Spreng and 
  • Geoffrey Fiorese / keys, 
  • Tom Bourgeois and 
  • Sam Comerford/ saxs and 
  • Joao Lobo / drums.

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