Your support counts !

Volta is a nonprofit organization that accomplishes great things with little financial resources. With this appeal, we call for a no-obligation donation to Volta vzw/asbl. Thanks to your contribution, Volta can be the warm home it is today for hundreds of musicians. Your support goes directly to the daily operations of Volta. To cover heating, maintenance, repair costs, technical equipment,...

Your donation contributes to a place where : 

... musicians learn from other musicians,
... musicians attend workshops on music programmes,
... musicians practice in quality but affordable rehearsal spaces,
... musicians are given the time and support to grow during a residency,
... musicians can showcase their work to an audience on our stage weekly,
... musicians receive help and support with pre-production and recordings,
... new projects arise,
... synergies and symbioses converge and transcend. 
... Audience discovering the talent of today and tomorrow

Your help is invaluable ! 

With your help we can stay that warm home it is today for our beloved and talented music scene <3 

How To Donate

Donations can simply be transferred to the following account number : 

BE34 7310 4438 9090

With mention : GIFT VOLTA vzw / asbl